NESII collaborates with iTAGe Network Nigeria

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NESII collaborates with iTAGe Network Nigeria

On 26th of November 2021, NESII in collaboration with iTAGe Network Nigeria organized a session focused on the role of youths towards peace building in our Country. The Talking Across Generations on Education (TAGe) being a youth-driven intergenerational dialogue on education facilitated by the UNESCO MGIEP. MGIEP seeks to reorient learning spaces that promote sustainable lifestyles, a culture of peace and nonviolence, and an appreciation of cultural diversity. MGIEP believes that any strategy aimed at the youth cannot be successful without their voice being heard by policymakers. iTAGe seeks to facilitate a dialogue between young people with experienced and high-level senior decision-makers for an intergenerational dialogue on education.

A six week training and certification from the Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Institute.

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